Some Comments On “Rolling Out the Fabric of the Road”, an article in Grading and Excavation Contractor magazine

The current issue of Grading and Excavation Contractor magazine has a cover story on the use of geosynthetics in paving operations.  The author interviewed a number of different companies in the industry covering a broad range of materials and technologies. Survey articles like this are very useful as a starting point if you’re looking for [...]

Key Points and Part 2 on the Giroud-Han Design Method in Geosynthetics Magazine

As discussed in a prior post, the February/March issue of Geosynthetics magazine includes an article that is of monumental importance to the use of geogrids in roadway design.  The article was written by Dr. J.P. Giroud and Dr. Jie Han, the developers of the Giroud-Han method and two of the preeminent figures in the world [...]